Public Comment

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE) welcomes the input of stakeholders on a variety of issues. Occasionally, we’ll ask for Public Comment on specific issues, so please check this page often for information about public comment periods.


MHBE has reviewed all comments received by April 27, 2016 regarding proposed COMAR 14.35.07. In advance of the May 12, 2016 public meeting that will address proposed COMAR 14.35.07, MHBE is providing a revised, redlined version of the chapter and a chart that summarizes comments received on this chapter and MHBE’s response now. Revisions to COMAR (Definitions) are also being shared at this time and will be updated and re-posted as MHBE’s shares revised and redline versions of proposed COMAR 14.35.14-.17 prior to the May 12 and May 17 or 18 meetings.

Additional written comments may be submitted to MHBE regarding proposed COMAR 14.35.07 version 2 by May 23, 2016 at

Additionally, MHBE’s response to comments specifically about MHBE’s approach to implementing federal requirements in state regulations may be found here.

General Notice

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE) has drafted regulations that pertain to eligibility and enrollment in a qualified plan through the Exchange, certification to participate on the Exchange as a carrier and certification to offer a qualified plan for sale on the Exchange. MHBE has authority to regulate these areas under Parts 155 and 156 of Title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations and Title 31 of the Maryland Insurance Article, Annotated Code of Maryland. MHBE seeks informal public comment on the draft regulations through written comments and two meetings in which both members of the MHBE Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) and non-SAC members may be heard.

MHBE will accept written comments on the following draft regulations until April 27, 2016:

  • 14.35.07 – Eligibility and Enrollment in QHP/APTC/CSR
  • 14.35.14 – Termination, Cancellation and Rescission of QHP
  • 14.35.15 – Carrier Certification Standards
  • 14.35.16 – Plan Certification Standards
  • 14.35.17 – Carrier Appeals
  • – Definitions

Interested parties may send written comments concerning these draft regulations to

The draft chapters are provided with this notice for public review. Any language that MHBE proposes to strike in COMAR and Chapters 7 and 14, which are being repurposed, is indicated with [brackets] and any language that MHBE proposes to adopt is indicated with italics. All language in Chapters 15-17 is new.

In addition, the following meetings of the SAC will be held to solicit public comment regarding the draft regulations from SAC members and non-SAC members:

Meeting 1:
Date – May 12, 2016; 2-4 pm
Location – TBD
Draft Regulations To Be Covered – 14.35.07, 14.35.14 and (applicable to Ch. 7 and 14)

Meeting 2:
Date – TBD (May 17 or 18, 2016)
Location – TBD
Draft Regulations To Be Covered – 14.35.15, 14.35.16, 14.35.17 and (applicable to Ch 15-17)

Teleconferencing information will be shared prior to the meetings.

MHBE will provide revised drafts of the regulations to be covered at the meeting at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. The revised drafts will address comments received from stakeholders by the April 27 written comment due date. MHBE will review the revised drafts at the meeting with stakeholders.

Stakeholders may submit additional written comments to MHBE until May 23, 2016 that will be considered for inclusion in the version of the proposed regulations presented to the MHBE Board of Trustees on June 20, 2016. Interested parties may send written comments to


Outline of Draft Regulations – Chapters 7, 14-17