Public Comment

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE) welcomes the input of stakeholders on a variety of issues. Occasionally, we’ll ask for Public Comment on specific issues, so please check this page often for information about public comment periods. MHBE 2016 Proposed Plan Certification Standards

MHBE staff has proposed qualified health plan certification standards for 2016 and requests public comment on these recommendations prior to their consideration by the MHBE’s Board of Trustees. We are also seeking comments on whether the MHBE Board should include as a voluntary standard for 2016 that issuers provide a quality improvement strategy as part of the certification process.

Quality Improvement Strategy – To obtain QHP certification, each issuer must implement a QIS, which is a payment structure that provides increased reimbursement or other incentives to improve health outcomes, reduce hospital readmissions, improve patient safety and reduce medical errors, implement wellness and health promotion activities, and reduce health and health care disparities.  A QHP issuer participating in the MHBE for at least two years will be required to implement and report information regarding a QIS. QHP Issuers must also submit data annually for activities that are conducted in relation to implementation of its QIS.