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The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Board of Trustees has approved the 2022 letter to issuers seeking to participate in Maryland Health Connection. Thank you to all who provided feedback and responses to the draft.

2022 Letter to Issuers
2021 Carrier Application
Essential Community Provider Petition
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The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE), Maryland’s state-based marketplace, partners with insurance carriers to offer a variety of affordable and high quality insurance plans. Maryland Health Connection (MHC), a service of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, is the marketplace for insurance carriers to connect with Marylanders who need coverage. Health insurance carriers may apply to sell qualified health plans and stand-alone dental plans through MHC. Applications must be received by the first week of June in order to participate during the following year’s open enrollment period.

Carrier Prospectus
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2022 Final Plan Certification Standards
Maryland Health Connection Data Reports
The Hilltop Institute SHOP Analysis, August 2018
State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC) Data
Privately Insured in Maryland’s Individual Market, 2016

A Valuable Partnership


The dedicated leadership and staff at MHBE strive to onboard insurance carriers with ease and efficiency. In addition, carriers are invited to engage with MHBE in the Plan Management Stakeholder Committee (PMSC). The PMSC is the forum for communicating information on technical and operational approaches, timelines, and discussion of key integration, data exchange and policy implementation between MHBE and our partners. The PMSC’s scope covers both the individual and small business marketplaces.

Maryland Health Benefit Exchange values feedback from carriers. If you have a question or a suggestion for how we can partner with insurance carriers, contact us at

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Instruction on Essential Community Providers
MHBE Essential Community Provider List
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Essential Community Provider Alternative Standard – Metrics Reporting

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2019 Reinsurance Program Carrier Accountability Report Instructions
2019 Reinsurance Program Carrier Accountability Report Template
2019 Reinsurance Program Carrier Accountability Report Supplemental Template

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