Insurance brokers play a critical role in ensuring that Marylanders have access to affordable health insurance options. Brokers are key partners to help individuals and small businesses get access to plans on Maryland Health Connection. Whether you are already a part of our authorized broker program or would like to join, this is your one-stop source for information and tools.

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2023 Broker Achievement Awards

Authorized Broker Overview

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange understands the importance of insurance producers to the general public. As trained and licensed professionals, insurance brokers are the only consumer assistance workers who are qualified to advise their clients on enrolling in a specific plan that is best suited to their needs. The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange values the partnership of the broker community and looks forward to improving that partnership every day.

Broker Types

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange operates two markets: one for individuals and families and the other for small businesses (Maryland Health Connection for Small Business). Brokers may choose to operate in the individual market, in the MHC for Small Business market, or in both.

Captive brokers work for a single carrier in the individual market. These brokers are bound by additional regulations compared with other producers. For more information about Captive Brokers, see the Authorized Broker Manual.


Brokers receive compensation from most insurance carriers for sales of insurance plans offered on Maryland Health Connection. As brokers assist individuals and small businesses with enrollment in Maryland Health Connection insurance plans, the system transmits broker data to carriers to allow them to calculate and distribute compensation as they do off exchange.

Commission FAQ

Become an Authorized Broker

A Licensed Health Broker may apply as long as the following criteria is met:

  • Holds a current license issued by the Maryland Insurance Commissioner that qualifies the producer to sell health benefits in Maryland
  • Maintains a sufficient level of Errors and Omissions (E&O) coverage ($1M per claim and up to $1M per year), and provides current proof of coverage to MHBE
  • Is not excluded from participation in federal health programs
  • Is not barred from state contracts
  • Agrees to present all plans from all participating carriers and disclose appointment status to consumers. This does not apply to captive producers.
  • Agrees to adhere to privacy and security standards established by the MHBE
  • Agrees to work cooperatively with Connector Entities/navigators, as applicable
  • Agrees to immediately report concerns or complaints from employers, employees or individual consumers to the appropriate agency in a timely manner
  • Agrees to complete retraining education i.e., at least eight hours of MHBE-approved continuing education per renewal term.

Both resident and non-resident brokers are eligible to apply.

Step by Step Guide
Video Walkthrough of Application Process

Broker Training & Requirements

A broker must complete the Broker Authorization training to become an authorized producer. Only training offered by MHBE will be accepted for authorization. Training for the federal exchange or other state exchanges cannot be substituted for the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange producer authorization training.

To remain authorized, brokers are required to take Annual Training every year, regardless of authorization date, and complete a renewal application every other year.

Broker Tools & Resources

MHC for Small Business Employer Carrier Enrollment Application
MHC for Small Business Employer Carrier Producer Form
Incident Report Form
Request for Fair Hearing (Please note: There may be times when a consumer is unhappy with the result of an eligibility determination or with the enrollment process and wishes to file an appeal. If a consumer is unhappy with any decision made by the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, and they wish to file an appeal, the consumer should visit to obtain a Request for Case Review form. Please note that consumers must file their own appeals and that brokers should not file appeals on behalf of consumers.)
Authorized Broker Manual
Application Affidavits
Broker Enrollment Assistance and Escalated Cases Guide
MHC for Small Business Employee Eligibility and Election Form
Broker to Broker Translation Service (Please note: MHBE will not be involved in any type of fees, commission, share, etc. that is determined between two brokers for this service)
Commission FAQs