COMAR Regulations: Title 14, Subtitle 35

Information Required by 45 CFR 155.205(b)(2)

No fees, additional costs or payments are required by the MHBE, and no known monies have been lost to waste, fraud and abuse. Administrative expenses follow.

Proposed Regulations Affecting Small Businesses

COMAR Title 14, Subtitle 35, Proposed Chapter 18: Standards and Procedures for Grants Awarded by the Exchange

MHBE Administrative Costs: FY21 (Actual)

Salary, Wages, and Benefits $8,202,846.96
Technical and Special Fees $0.00
Communication $120,972.00
Travel $3,724.26
Supplies and Materials $5,994.99
Equipment $152,089.98
Rent and Other Fixed Charges $952,836.67
Other Administrative Costs $325,184.46
Total Administrative Costs $9,763,649.32