Application Counselor Program

The application counselor program allows organizations to hire and oversee application counselors who assist people in getting health coverage through Maryland Health Connection. The program is a two-year term and may be renewed for an additional two years. Being part of the program means neither your organization nor the counselors receive funds from the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. 

Application Counselor Benefits:

  • free onboarding & ongoing training
  • access to job aids and information about upcoming policy & system changes
  • partner with local navigators & our team at Maryland Health Connection
  • dedicated phone line support for assistance with consumers 
  • quarterly meetings with Maryland Health Benefit Exchange

The Application Counselor Program is free! We will train as many application counselors as you would like at no cost. 

For more information or an application for the program, please contact the program manager.
Rita W. Dyer,
Application Counselor Program Manager
(410) 547-6886

Application Counselor Program Organizations

Entity Name Partner Since Website
Baltimore Crisis Response Inc. 2016
Baltimore Medical System 2016
Bay Community Health 2016
Bezwen at Home, Inc. 2023
Care Coordination Services, Inc. 2017
Carroll County Youth Service Bureau 2023
Center for Pregnancy Concerns 2023
Change Healthcare (formerly Chamberlin Edmonds) 2014
Chase Brexton Health Services, Inc. 2014
Chesapeake Health Care 2016
Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center 2018
Cognizant RCM 2016
Community Engagement and Consultation Group, Inc. 2023
Eastern Shore Area Health Education Center 2022
Elevate PFS Holdings, Inc. 2014
Fabric Health 2024
Family Health Centers of Baltimore 2023
Garrett County Memorial Hospital 2018
HealthCare Access Maryland, Inc 2014
Hospital Support Services Inc. 2016
Howard County General Hospital 2016
Jai Medical Center 2015
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center 2016
Johns Hopkins Community Physicians 2022
Johns Hopkins Hospital 2016
Korak Healthsource Group Inc. 2024
La Clinica del Pueblo 2014
LifeBridge Health, Inc 2021
London Eligibility, Inc 2015
Maryland Center for Veterans Education and Training 2015
Maryland Vietnamese Mutual Association 2015
Mercy Medical Center Inc. 2016
MobileMed 2020
Park West Health System Inc 2014
PASS Maryland Inc. 2020
Shepherd’s Clinic 2020
STAR TRACK Adolescent Health Program 2023
Structured Employment Economic Development Corp 2014
Suburban Hospital 2022
Total Health Care, Inc 2014
University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center 2023
UPMC Western Maryland 2014
Vietnamese American Services, Inc. 2016
Washington Health Institute 2020
West Cecil Health Center 2022
Western Maryland Area Health Education Center, Inc. 2022
YesCare 2019

Consumer Assistance Organizations & ACP Materials