Affordability Work Group

As the State Reinsurance Program (SRP) reduced premiums for unsubsidized Marylanders, it had the adverse consequence of reducing advanced premium tax credits (APTC) for some enrollees. Specifically, this has been experienced by enrollees who live in areas where premium decreases for the second lowest cost silver plan (SLCSP) were greater than the reductions in the premium of their current private health plan.

In the 2020 Final Letter to Issuers Participating on Maryland Health Connection, MHBE was tasked to create a work group to help determine policy solutions to:

  1. Reduce out-of-pocket costs
  2. Maximize APTC for subsidized consumers
  3. Maximize affordability for unsubsidized consumers. The work group will provide recommendations to the MHBE Board of Trustees on policy proposals deemed most beneficial to increase affordability for consumers.

Final Affordability Work Group Report

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