Phase 1 of the Maryland Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program is now in place for 2019 state tax filers. Consumers will be able to choose a new option, Tax Time SEP, to enroll through

How does the program work?

On Maryland Tax Forms 502 and 502B, tax filers can indicate whether they, their spouse, or children are uninsured and allow information from the tax return to be shared with Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE). When MHBE receives these files from the Comptroller’s Office, we’ll send a notice to the consumer advising if they are eligible for free/low cost insurance, how to apply, and when to apply: 35 days from the date of the notice.

If anyone in the household is already enrolled, they can add additional uninsured household members through Change Reporting, under Reason for Change:

Maryland Health Connection will compare the demographic information in the application with the information received from the Comptroller’s office. If a match is found, you will open a Special Enrollment Period for the plan selection. Enrollment is effective the first of the month after plan selection. If any household member is eligible for Medicaid, they can enroll at any time.

Consumer assistance workers also can check to see if an individual received the notice, using the “Document Search” function:

This is a great opportunity to help uninsured consumers get coverage for the remainder of the year. Even those who previously had coverage and lost it due to nonpayment may enroll. This SEP is not available for amended returns or late filers, so encourage consumers to file their tax return by April 15 to take advantage of this Tax Time SEP.
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