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New Law Recognizes Non-Binary Gender Identity

Effective Oct. 1, 2019, legislation passed by the Maryland General Assembly allows a person to select M (male), F (female), or X (unspecified or other) for their Maryland drivers license or identification card. In addition, the new law allows a person to change gender without presenting documents to verify the gender selected. This change in the law may increase the number of inquiries consumers make about how to identify or change their gender in their Maryland Health Connection account.

Remember, self-identification of gender is just as important as self-identification of race or ethnicity, and consumer assistance workers should withhold judgment on this issue, regardless of personal beliefs, and instead assist the consumer to the best of their ability. Please review the system steps below for assisting with gender and name changes.

Assisting transgender and non-binary applicants in HBX

1. Gender and first name changes can be made in the consumer portal by following these steps:

  • Log into the consumer’s account
  • Select “Change My Information.”
  • Select “Add, Remove or Edit Household Member”
  • Re-select gender choice and/or re-enter new first name
  • Continue through the application to save and submit.

2. Gender changes can also be made in the worker portal:

  • Search the consumer, open the application, select “Change My Information”
  • Answer the VR question and select “Save”
  • On the “Primary Applicant Information” page, select “View All”
  • Select add/edit on the household members page:
  • On the demographics page, type over first name and/or reselect gender, select “Save” and click through to submit the application

For complete (first and last) name changes, or complete name changes associated with a gender change, contact Mr. Anthony Guzman, Appeals Administrator, Appeals & Grievances at: anthony.guzman@maryland.gov.

For complaints about services provided by an MCO or with trouble accessing services, contact MDH’s Complaint and Grievance Unit for assistance: (800) 284-4510. This unit will review the case and determine if the consumer has an administrative right to change MCOs.

Complaints about services provided by a private insurance carrier are handled by the Maryland Insurance Administration, 410-468-2000 or 1-800-492-6116.