What Do I Need to Do After I Enroll?

family after enrollAfter you enroll in a health insurance plan through Maryland Health Connection, there are important next steps to follow to make sure you stay covered and also get the most of your health coverage:

1) Pay your bill on time. After you enroll, your health insurance company will send you information about your health insurance coverage, including how to pay your monthly bill (premium). See our payment guide.

It’s important to pay your first bill on time. If you don’t receive a bill from your insurance company by the date your coverage starts, call them to pay.

2) Brush up on what your plan covers. All private health plans (except Catastrophic plans) must offer these 10 essential health benefits. Some plans offer additional benefits.

  •         Doctor visits
  •         Hospitalization
  •         Emergency care
  •         Maternity and newborn care
  •         Pediatric care, including dental and vision benefits
  •         Prescription drugs
  •         Laboratory tests
  •         Mental health care
  •         Substance abuse treatment
  •         Preventive and wellness care, as well as chronic disease management, including:
    •         Flu and pneumonia shots
    •         Birth control
    •         Routine vaccinations
    •         Screenings for cancer, such as mammograms and colonoscopies

For specific information about your plan’s benefits, visit your insurance company’s website or call them directly to find out what is covered. You also should be sure to review any information mailed for what your plan covers.

3) Find a doctor who accepts your plan. You will most likely pay the lowest costs for services when you see an “in-network” doctor. To find a doctor who accepts your plan, you can search online at providersearch.crisphealth.org and check with your doctor’s office to be sure he or she accepts your insurance.

4) Put that new coverage to good use! From Coverage to Care: A Roadmap to Better Care and a Healthier You provides help understanding your new health coverage, making an appointment, deciding if a doctor is right for you, and more.

5) Remember to update your information and tell us about changes. It’s important to update your online application with any changes in your household size or income as soon as possible. This information may change the coverage or savings you’re eligible for.

Changes to tell us about include getting married or divorced, having a baby or adopting a child, and certain changes in income. Learn more about life and income changes you should report. To update your information, call us at 1-855-642-8572 or log in to your online account and use the “Report a Change” button.

For more information on what to expect after you enroll, visit MarylandHealthConnection.gov/enroll.