Travel in a time machine without leaving your chair: Health coverage in Maryland then — and now

Below is a “slider map” of Maryland before the Affordable Care Act was implemented in 2013 and today.

Click on the gray bar in the middle, hold down your mouse and slide it to the right. That’s how the state looked in 2013 when about 405,000 Marylanders were originally eligible for private coverage through the state marketplace. Many of them were uninsured, couldn’t afford health insurance, couldn’t get covered because of their medical history or had individual coverage such as COBRA that may have been a burden on their household budget.

When you slide the bar to the left, you’ll fast-forward to 2016. The picture brightens: Now, following the third annual open enrollment of Maryland Health Connection, about 240,000 remain eligible for private coverage through the state marketplace. The darker areas with the most severe coverage gaps are a little lighter now because fewer people remain in need of coverage.

We hope “sliding the state” helps illuminate the challenge — and the progress — as Maryland gets closer to health coverage for all who need it. More detail is available in our news section.

And a big thank you to the folks who provided the slider map: The State Health Access Data Assistance Center (SHADAC), which is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at the University of Minnesota.