It’s Tax Time! Helping Consumers Understand How to Use their Forms to File

Tax season is here, and many consumers are eager to file their taxes and collect their returns.aptc

Marylanders who have enrolled in past years through Maryland Health Connection may already be familiar with the form(s) they’ll receive from us but may require additional guidance in understanding the tax credit reconciliation process.

Here are some helpful tips and updates for this year:

How can consumers find their tax form(s)?

Marylanders enrolled in a qualified health plan (QHP) in 2016 through Maryland Health Connection should have received a Form 1095-A in their online account and/or the mail. Form 1095-A is used to reconcile any Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC) received.  These were mailed by Jan. 31 to the Primary Applicant.  Consumers enrolled in multiple plans will receive one 1095-A per plan.

Please note: Consumers enrolled in catastrophic plans will not receive a 1095-A, because these consumers are ineligible to receive premium tax credits.

Consumers enrolled last year in Medicaid/MCHP will receive Form 1095-B in the mail in February. The consumer does not need this form to file taxes (if they file taxes) and should keep it with their other tax records.

It’s easier this year for consumers to access their 1095-A and 1095-B through the Consumer Portal; a “View Tax Forms” button is in the consumer’s inbox to take them directly to their tax form(s).

tax screen

Reporting missing or incorrect 1095-As

A new case-management process is in place this year to ensure the most efficient recording, tracking and resolving of 1095-A escalated cases.

The first step in assisting consumers who report 1095-A issues is to validate if the consumer had active coverage during the 2016 plan year through Maryland Health Connection. If the consumer did, but no 1095-A is present in the account or the 1095-A form is present but contains incorrect plan, premium, or APTC information, you should contact the Consolidated Service Center.  You can assist the consumer if they need help making the call.

For simple demographic information changes, such as spelling or address changes, please assist the consumer with reporting a change to correct the incorrect demographic information and request a reprint of the 1095-A with the corrected demographic information.  For more information on how to correct demographic information, please see the “MHC -1095 -A  2017” folder in the Knowledge Bank on The Hub.

Forms and worksheets consumers may need

Second Lowest Cost Silver Plan Worksheet (PDF).

Consumers should use this form ONLY if:

  • The Form 1095-A Part III they received is empty or incomplete; OR
  • They applied to receive a tax credit through Maryland Health Connection and believe the Form 1095-A Part III is incorrect; or
  • They experienced a change in the household during the plan year but did not report it to Maryland Health Connection, such as the months the consumer or household members had health coverage through Maryland Health Connection during the year, or when members were added or dropped under the policy, or change of address.

Lowest Cost Bronze Plan Worksheet (PDF)

Consumers should only use this form if they are filing Form 8965 on their federal tax return and claiming they should have an exemption from the requirement to have health coverage because coverage is not affordable.

More tax questions?

Visit for information on taxes, Form 1095-A and -B, the penalty, and exemptions from the requirement to have health coverage.

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