COBRA Information as it Relates to Maryland Health Connection

  1. COBRA Information as it Relates to Maryland Health Connection

    If a consumer loses job-based health benefits, he or she may be eligible for COBRA, short for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986. COBRA provides the option of continuing… Read More

  2. What to do if a consumer doesn’t have a Social Security Number (SSN)

    We have important reminders from your training on what to do if a consumer doesn’t have a Social Security Number to provide in a Maryland Health Connection application: 1) For… Read More

  3. Qualifying for Medicaid: Parents and Caretaker Relatives

    Did you know that parents and caretaker relatives over age 65 also may be eligible for Medicaid through Maryland Health Connection? These groups may qualify for Medicaid using Modified Adjusted… Read More

  4. Don’t get scammed: How to identify legitimate emails from MHBE

    Have you ever received an email that didn’t seem quite right? Trust your instincts to spot when a communication is fishy — or phishy. Phishing attacks use email or malicious… Read More

  5. Guide to Constituent Services

    Marylanders may need help with their health insurance before or after enrolling through Maryland Health Connection. Keep this guide handy or download and print (PDF) so you can easily look… Read More

  6. Security Upgrade Announcement

    Maryland Health Connection is making a technology upgrade to our system platform at the end of this month. The application will be unavailable: Friday, March 31 – Monday, April… Read More

  7. Get Ready to Apply for Health Coverage through Maryland Health Connection

    Open Enrollment has started! For those of you new to the crowd, this is the time of year you can apply for affordable health coverage and dental plans through Maryland… Read More

  8. Start Shopping for 2017 Plans and See if You Qualify for Financial Help Now

    With less than one month until open enrollment begins, we want you to be armed with the knowledge you need to sign up or choose a new plan for 2017…. Read More

  9. Shopping for Health Insurance Made Easy

    Our Improvements to Easy to use, understandable and helpful. These goals for have spurred a major redesign that is going live soon to make shopping for health coverage… Read More

  10. How many remain eligible for private insurance through Maryland exchange?

    Maryland Health Connection has cut by 40 percent the number of Marylanders who were eligible for private insurance coverage when the state marketplace began three years ago. That leaves about 240,000… Read More