Qualifying for Medicaid: Parents and Caretaker Relatives

Did you know that parents and caretaker relatives over age 65 also may be eligible for Medicaid through Maryland Health Connection?

These groups may qualify for Medicaid using Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI), even if they are enrolled in Medicare, if their income is lower than 138% FPL. As you know, MAGI is the figure used to determine eligibility for lower costs, including qualified health plans, Medicaid and the Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP).

The Medicaid program defines five MAGI eligibility groups, including Parents and Caretaker Relatives:over 65 medicaid

    1. Adults (childless)
    2. Parents and Caretaker Relatives
    3. Pregnant Women
    4. Former Foster Care
    5. Children

The Parents and Caretaker Relatives group allows an exception to the general rule that consumers must be younger than 65 to receive MAGI Medicaid.

Parents and Caretaker Relatives over 65 who have incomes below 123% FPL may qualify for MAGI Medicaid in the “F05” coverage group. If they are enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid would pay the Medicare Premium and be the payer of last resort. (Parents and Caretaker Relatives under 65 qualify for Medicaid with income up to 138% FPL, the same as the adult group.)

Low-income consumers enrolled in Medicare whose income is above the F05 threshold should be referred to their local department of social services for information about QMB and SLMB, Medicaid programs that are outside of Maryland Health Connection.

Maryland Health Connection will calculate eligibility, but you can use our information to estimate the financial help a consumer could receive: https://www.marylandhealthconnection.gov/calculateincome.

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