Producer Training

Along with the new enrollment website, the MHBE introduces a new training site, The Hub, where producers will register for training. In some cases, producers will be able to complete the training online.

Required Training for Open Enrollment

Our Producer training is separated into two modules: Policy Training and System Training. All producers must complete System Training. Only new producers must complete Policy Training. Producers who are authorized currently have already completed Policy Training.

Policy Training

This is a web-based training module that producers complete at their own pace. It is available through the Maryland Health Connection training site, The Hub. This module covers the Affordable Care Act and how it is being implemented in Maryland, as well as other issues including plan design, marketing, rating, and other changes to the health coverage landscape.

System Training

This is a three-part module that includes two short online prerequisite modules that producers may complete at their own pace, followed by a six-hour instructor-led session. During this session, producers have hands-on experience with the system and practice several enrollment scenarios. Producers may choose between an in-person class and a webinar class for the instructor-led session. Producers who select an in-person class will be awarded six continuing education credits upon successful completion.

Getting Access to the Training Site

Authorized Producers will receive an email containing specific instructions for completing the prerequisite module and for registering for an instructor-led session. Producers who apply for authorization will receive instructions as part of their New Producer Welcome Kit.