Policy & Regulations

Advanced Directives/Living Wills

In accordance with Maryland State law 5-615 of the General Health article and Maryland Health Benefit Exchange regulations, consumers may learn more about advance directives and living wills and access forms here.

Information Required by 45 CFR 55.205(b)(2)

No fees, additional costs or payments are required by the MHBE, and no known monies have been lost to waste, fraud and abuse. Administrative expenses follow.

MHBE Administrative Costs: FY19 (Actual)
Salary, Wages, and Benefits $7,620,154.00
Technical and Special Fees $10,921.00
Communication $109,434.00
Travel $24,332.00
Supplies and Materials $29,330.03
Equipment $460,637.95
Rent and Other Fixed Charges $97,769.24
Other Administrative Costs $180,293.00
Total Administrative Costs $8,532,871.22


Interim Procedures

2018 Plan Certification Standards
2018 Final Letter to Issuers

2018 Issuer Letter Summary of Comments by Topic

MHBE Policy Statements

MHBE Policy Procedures approved by MHBE Board 6.18.2018

Eligibility Standards for Advanced Payments of the Premium Tax Credit, Cost-Sharing Reductions and Enrollment in Qualified Health Plans approved by MHBE Board 11.12.2013

Technical Changes to Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Interim Procedures for Carrier Appeals approved by MHBE Board 10.8.2013

Interim Procedures for Fair Hearings of Individual Exchange Eligibility Determinations approved by MHBE Board 9.30.2013

CSC Interim Procedures approved by MHBE Board 8.13.13

Captive Producers Interim Procedures approved by MHBE Board 8.13.2013

Licensee Appeals Interim Procedures approved by MHBE Board 8.13.2013

Requirements for Producer Appointment approved by MHBE Board 5.14.2013

MHBE Carrier Appeals approved by MHBE Board 4.9.2013

Dental, Vision, and Producer Compensation approved by MHBE Board 12.11.2012

Producer Incentives Policy Statement approved by MHBE Board 12.11.2012

Qualified Plan Certification Standard approved by MHBE Board 10.23.2012

ACSE Interim Procedures

CAC Training and Certification Standards Interim Procedures

Procurement Policy and Procedures – Amended June 18, 2018

Procurement Flow Chart and Decision Tree

Procurement File Documents Checklist

Competitive Bid and Proposal Checklist


COMAR Regulations: Title 14, Subtitle 35