Web-Based Entities (WBE) Advisory Committee

Web-Based Entities (WBE) Advisory Committee 

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE) has established a WBE Advisory Committee to advise the Board. Members were chosen for their clear understanding of the number and sophistication of likely WBE market participants.

WBE Advisory Committee members

WBE Advisory Committee Documents:

August 6, 2013:
Minutes from the 07.25.13 meeting
WBE Consumer experience for Maryland
WBE Consumer Protection Issues
Web-Based Entities Advisory Committee Consumer Issues and Contracting Presentation

July 25, 2013:
Preliminary Charter
WBE Advisory Committee list
WBE Summary of Comments
WBE Presentation
Web Broker Appendix A
Web Broker Appendix B
Web Broker Appendix C
Web Broker Agreement