Continuity of Care Advisory Committee

The Continuity of Care Advisory Committee was appointed by the Board of Trustees in June of 2012 to begin addressing the transition between Medicaid, the state-based exchange and the commercial market. The Advisory Committee began meeting on October 3, 2012 to provide input on how continuity of care provisions can be implemented across markets, including:

  • Existing Continuity of Care Models: Review current market strategies to support continuity of care.
  • Financial Impact: What is the financial impact of implementing continuity of care provisions?
  • Implementation Considerations: What mechanisms should be implemented across the system to reduce redundancy in care?

All committee meetings are open to the public and public comment is heard at the conclusion of each meeting in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. Public Comment forms are posted for feedback on policy decisions. Please refer to the meeting schedule and archive of materials.

Current Continuity of Care Committee Members

January 4 2013:

Letter to the Governor and General Assembly

Recommendations for Continuity of Care: A Report to the Governor and Maryland General Assembly

Addendum Analysis of Options to Ensure Continuity of Care: A Report to the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Board of Trustees