Past Committees

A tenet of the Exchange since inception, continued stakeholder engagement provides opportunities for dialogue with diverse populations statewide. The MHBE considers stakeholder consultation an essential component of the process and will continue to plan accordingly for inclusion of stakeholders, including carriers, brokers, advocates, consumers, small businesses, state agencies, and business leaders. The MHBE is required by statute to maintain two standing advisory committees which can vary from year to year but should support policy decisions being made in any particular year. In June 2012, three new advisory committees were established to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to participate in the process as the MHBE considers key policies and procedures for the implementation of the ACA. These committees include the:

Navigator Advisory Committee

Plan Management Advisory Committee

Continuity of Care Advisory Committee

Web-Based Entities (WBE) Advisory Committee

As with past committees, representatives reflect the gender, racial, ethnic and geographic diversity of the state. Each committee is comprised of 20-25 members. Chairs, or co-chair in many cases are appointed as well as state agency liaisons. A member of the MHBE’s management team and a board liaison participates on each committee. Highly qualified consultants work with each committee to facilitate the discussion at each meeting, prepare recommendations and serve as moderators. All committee meetings are open to the public and public comment is heard at the conclusion of each meeting in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. Public Comment forms are posted for feedback on policy decisions and all meeting schedules and materials are available in the archive.

The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange has established an Notices and Appeals Advisory Group to provide input to the Board of Trustees. The following individuals have been selected to serve on the Committee. We want to thank everyone who submitted a nomination; we really appreciate the strong level of interest. Upcoming meetings of the Notices and Appeals Advisory Group will be posted soon, and we encourage everyone to attend and to remain engaged in the work of the Exchange.

Notices and Appeals Advisory Group