It’s National Youth Enrollment Day! #NYED2016

NYED Jan 21 2016We’re celebrating National Youth Enrollment Day!

This national movement, led by Enroll America and Young Invincibles, is January 21 for young people, communities and organizations to come together to ensure young
adults know about their health coverage options, and then #GetCovered before the Jan. 31 deadline!

Head to MarylandHealthConnection/YED today, follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@MarylandConnect) and follow hashtag #NYED2016 

TONIGHT, we’re partnering with Charm City Trivia for the “Are You Game to #GetCovered?” Trivia Night event, where we’ll attend trivia game locations throughout Maryland to share information about enrolling in health coverage, with featured questions. Come out to learn more, have fun, and test your trivia knowledge!

10 Reasons Young Adults Should #GetCovered Now

  1. The deadline to apply for health insurance for 2016 is January 31
  2. You can #GetCovered or check out plans and prices now at
  3. FREE in-person assistance is available to help you apply.
  4. This year’s penalty for being uninsured increases to $695/person, or 2.5% of your income, whichever is higher!
  5. You can save money on your health insurance costs. Nine of 10 people who enrolled last year through Maryland Health Connection received financial help to make insurance more affordable.
  6. You cannot be denied for having a preexisting condition
  7. Plans cover FREE preventive services like contraception, checkups, screenings and well-woman visits
  8. All plans cover essential health benefits like doctor visits, hospitalization, prescriptions and more
  9. Young adults can stay on their parent’s health insurance plan until age 26, even if they are married, not living with their parents, or not financially dependent on their parents
  10. Life events like getting married, having a baby and turning 26 allow you to enroll or change plans any time of year

Downloads to Share

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