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Completing Your Application on Maryland Health Connection

How to Renew Your Medicaid Coverage Online

Can I Get a Tax Credit? (¿Puedo obtener un crédito fisical?)

What is Medicaid & How Do I Apply? (¿Qué es Medicaid y cómo hago la solicitud?)

How to Calculate Household Size and Income (Cómo calcular el tamaño de su hogar y su ingreso)

Connecting Kids to Coverage

These materials were developed as part of the Connecting Kids to Coverage initiative. The campaign aims to inform families that they may be eligible for Medicaid and MCHP at any point of the year, with an emphasis on covering school-age children and families. Suggestions for printing: posters (matte poster paper), flyers (copy paper), palmcards (matte cardstock). All materials sizes are included in the PDF.