In March 2013, Maryland Health Benefit Exchange updated its Environmental Analysis and Market Scan originally conducted in fall 2011. The report is a state-wide assessment of key demographics and psychographics pertaining to health care, and health care influencing factors, including labor statistics, income and other economic statistics and comparisons, business ownership, insurance statistics and demographics of the uninsured both nationally and in Maryland.

Maryland Health Connection Environmental Analysis and Market Scan (2013)

In August 2014, The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange conducted a survey with Maryland residents to assess the implications for communications for Maryland Health Connection (MHC), the state’s health insurance marketplace. The survey was first conducted in 2013 and revised in 2014 to test the effectiveness of communication strategies among a representative, statewide audience. Additionally, the survey served to measure movement on awareness and attitudes surrounding MHC now, as compared to 2013.

Survey Findings & Implications for Communications (2014)