1. Impact of Previous Year Unpaid Premium on Renewal

    Consumers who are preparing to renew coverage for 2019 should be aware of the impact unpaid 2018 premiums may have on their coverage. Consumers enrolled in qualified health plans who… Read More

  2. Updating Pregnancy Due Date

    After pregnancy ends, a consumer enrolled in coverage through Maryland Health Connection needs to add the baby to their household and update Mom’s pregnancy status. Adding a newborn, without updating the… Read More

  3. Complete your training by Oct. 19

    The MHBE Training Portal modules are available now, and are to be completed by Oct. 19. This is mandatory training required to obtain and maintain credentialing as a consumer assistance… Read More

  4. Our boots on the ground: spreading the word about Maryland Health Connection

    You work relentlessly, day in and day out providing assistance to our valued consumers. Health insurance is complicated from an outside perspective, and you know this. You’ve helped the single… Read More

  5. Change to Modified Adjusted Gross Income Calculations in 2018

    There are some changes to the calculation of Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) as a result of the tax bill passed in December 2017. Though most changes take effect this… Read More

  6. COBRA Information as it Relates to Maryland Health Connection

    If a consumer loses job-based health benefits, he or she may be eligible for COBRA, short for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986. COBRA provides the option of continuing… Read More

  7. How To: Place caretaker or relative’s children in HBX without recording caretaker’s income.

    What’s the issue? Income of caretakers should not be included when determining a child’s eligibility. If household income is below the MCHP ceiling If the household income is below the… Read More

  8. Insider’s Edge Issue 165: New Medicare Cards

    The Insider’s Edge newsletter is produced by the Maryland Department of Health (MDH). This week’s Insider’s Edge reviews the New Medicare Card and resources to help beneficiaries, especially the dually eligible…. Read More

  9. January Billing Tips for QHP Consumers

    A note for CAWs and CSRs Open enrollment extension means that consumers have until midnight on Friday, Dec. 22, to shop and select a plan for 2018.  However, due to… Read More

  10. Compliance: What do I do if there is a PII breach?

    Consumers provide their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to the Exchange for the purpose of determining eligibility in a qualified health plan and/or determining eligibility for other insurance affordability programs, such… Read More