Join our TwitterStorm this Tuesday to #GetCoveredMD

Join us (@MarylandConnect), along with Congressman Steny Hoyer’s (MD-5) office (@WhipHoyer), in a TwitterStorm this Tuesday to highlight the December 15 deadline for health insurance coverage.

To participate, just send a few tweets TODAY, December 8, from 2 to 3 p.m. using the hashtag #GetCoveredMD

Visit for more information on how to enroll in health coverage or find free help.

Through a “Twitter Storm” and other social media activity, our goal is to spread the word that the first big enrollment deadline is coming up. We want to be sure Marylanders know they need to enroll by December 15 to be covered on January 1.

A “Twitter Storm” is a spike in activity surrounding a certain topic on Twitter, linked together by a specific hashtag. This social media toolkit includes ready-to-post tweets and engaging graphics to share. We encourage you to use the content that makes sense for your followers — or create your own tweets and graphics using the hashtag #GetCoveredMD.


Join our #Twitterstorm today! Use hashtag #GetCoveredMD from 2-3pm to encourage MD’ers to enroll in health coverage by 12/15! @WhipHoyer

DEADLINE is 12/15 for January health coverage! Join #Twitterstorm TODAY (2-3p) with hashtag #GetCoveredMD [ADD GRAPHIC No. 1]

The time is NOW to #GetCoveredMD! One week left to enroll for 1/1 health coverage at [ADD GRAPHIC No. 1]

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Holiday gift idea! #GetCoveredMD by 12/15 at Give yourself a plan covering doctor visits, prescriptions & more

Nine in 10 MD’ers enrolled thru @MarylandConnect this year got lower-cost health coverage. #GetCoveredMD by 12/15 [ADD GRAPHIC No. 3]

Get free enrollment help from 1000’s of experts before 12/15 deadline for 1/1 coverage: #GetCoveredMD

Save money on health coverage in 2016! #GetCoveredMD by 12/15 for 1/1 coverage. Most people qualify for lower costs [ADD GRAPHIC No. 3]


Deadline is Dec 15

Dec. 15 deadline to #GetCovered

9 in 10 received financial help