January Billing Tips for QHP Consumers

A note for CAWs and CSRs

billing qhpOpen enrollment extension means that consumers have until midnight on Friday, Dec. 22, to shop and select a plan for 2018.  However, due to timing issues, you and your consumers should be aware of the following.

  • Depending on the date of plan enrollment, the consumer may receive his/her premium bill in late December/early January.
  • Depending on the date of plan enrollment, the consumer may receive two bills – one for the initial plan selection or passive renewal, and another for the new selection a little later.
  • For enrollments after Dec. 15, consumers should have 15 days from the date the carrier’s invoice is produced to pay January coverage timely, even if that date is after Jan. 1.
  • After enrollment consumers may contact the carrier call centers or visit carrier websites to pay their first month’s premium, often before they receive their bill by mail.
  • Depending on when the premium bill is paid, the consumer might receive her member card later in January. If a consumer needs to use services before the card is received, they may be able to print out a card from the carrier’s website.

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