Insider’s Edge Issue 165: New Medicare Cards

The Insider’s Edge newsletter is produced by the Maryland Department of Health (MDH). This week’s Insider’s Edge reviews the New Medicare Card and resources to help beneficiaries, especially the dually eligible.

What’s the summary?

In April 2018, CMS will begin a year-long process of sending Medicare beneficiaries a New Medicare Card that will have a unique Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI), thereby removing the social security number from the Medicare card. Maryland residents should receive their new cards between April and June 2018.

How can I help?

CMS is asking organizations to do what they can to help inform and protect people with Medicare. Here are some suggestions and resources:

  1. Learn more: homepage updated with beneficiary-facing materials – blog and informational video.
  2. Distribute “10 Things You Need To Know” fact sheets in English and Spanish.
  3. Write a newsletter or public service announcement. Use this script for the essentials!

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