Helping Consumers End QHP coverage

Rita Dyer Manager, Producer Operations
Rita Dyer
Manager, Producer Operations

This week in The Classroom, we welcome guest blogger Rita W. Dyer, MHBE manager of producer operations. Rita shares tips on correctly assisting consumers with termination of their qualified health plan:

Recently, MHBE has been receiving requests for corrected Form 1095-As and appeals from consumers who received a 1095-A that shows one month of coverage and advanced premium tax credits for January 2016.

These issues are often due to a consumer who didn’t want 2016 coverage being advised to simply not pay the January premium, rather than terminate their qualified health plan at the end of the plan year.

However, because of the grace period for effectuated coverage, consumers who do not actively terminate their coverage will become void for nonpayment after the grace period. This results in consumers having on-exchange coverage, and in some cases receiving APTC, longer than they’d expected.

Consumers should request cancellation by the last day of the month they want their coverage to end.  If consumers do not want to renew their coverage, they should actively terminate their coverage rather than letting coverage passively renew and then failing to pay the binder payment.

Below are the correct termination steps for a consumer to actively terminate their QHP:

  1. Log into their account at and use the “End My Current Coverage” Quick Link. See our quick guide (PDF).

Choose which coverage you want to end, and click “Disenroll.”

Then on the confirmation page, click “Confirm.”


  1. Call the call center at 855-642-8572 (Deaf and hard of hearing use Relay service).

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