Help Consumers Enter Household Income

It is important that consumers applying for health coverage accurately answer household income questions so they receive the right amount of financial help.

Entering the correct income information ensures that the consumer enrolls in the correct program and gets the most amount of financial assistance available, but that he doesn’t underestimate income and end up having to repay tax credit that was incorrectly received.

To help with income calculation, we want to share with you these three important tools:

1.) A new income tool is available at

(You can also find this in the website menu under “How to Enroll.”)

The consumer can choose to:

Calculate Income With a Tax Return

Use this form if you filed a tax return last year and have not had any significant changes in your household size or income this year.

Calculate Income Without a Tax Return

Use this form if any of these apply:

  • You DID NOT file a tax return last year
  • You work part-time or seasonally
  • You expect a change in your household size this year (such as marriage, divorce, or a birth or adoption)
  • You expect a change in income, such as loss or gain of a job, or retirement

2) The online application will feature new income screens in early 2018.

The new HBX income flow asks consumers step-by-step, specific questions about their income and deductions. The changes will:

  • Make it easier for consumer to enter income information correctly
  • Include start and end dates for income so that seasonal and periodic employees can more accurately state their annual income.
  • Modify the way deductions are included and calculated so that the consumer does not accidentally over-state deduction amounts.
  • Count dependent income of more than $6100 in the household income calculation where applicable.

3) General household and income information is available in this fact sheet.

This printable fact sheet (PDF) provides a quick guide for consumers to determine who should be included (or not) in their household when applying for coverage through Maryland Health Connection and what income to include.

The fact sheet also lists deductions that consumers may be able to take to reduce their countable income.

Consumers who can use their most recent tax return to determine yearly income may also find these steps below helpful to calculate Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI):

projected yearly income

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