Don’t miss out: There are still ways you can enroll now

You might still be able to get health coverage for 2015, even though open enrollment has ended. Check if these fit you. Share with a friend who’s still uninsured:

checklist of #GetCovered now

  1. You owe the 2014 tax penalty for not having health insurance. Enroll by April 30!

    If you’ve filed your taxes for 2014 and owe the penalty for being uninsured, you can still get health coverage in 2015. You’ll owe less when you file your taxes next year.

    The penalty for 2015 goes up! Use this calculator from the Tax Policy Center to see how much you could owe if you still don’t get covered.

  2. You’re eligible for Medicaid. Enroll any time.

    If you, or members of your household, are eligible for Medicaid you can enroll year-round. And your coverage starts the first day of the month you’re found eligible.

    Look up your income and household size to see if you may qualify (income limits are higher for children and pregnant women). When you apply through Maryland Health Connection, you’ll find out if you’re eligible and can get covered.

  3. Congratulations! You’ve gotten married, had a new baby, or received a big raise. Enroll within 60 days of the event.

    Changes in your life or income may mean you can still enroll now (and they’re important to tell us about if you’re already covered). These include life changes like getting married or divorced; having or adopting a baby; coverage changes like losing job-based coverage or becoming ineligible for Medicaid; and things like moving to Maryland or a change in citizenship status.

    See a full list of changes that may allow you to enroll or change plans. In most cases, you have 60 days from the life event to enroll in coverage.