Digging into enrollment data

As Christopher Connelly reported recently on WYPR, greater data analysis is where the future lies for helping close the health coverage gap in Maryland and elsewhere. This is still a work in progress but we recently compared Maryland county population figures from the 2010 Census and the analysis of uninsured by county from the 2012 Small Area Health Insurance Estimates (SAHIE) program of U.S. Census Bureau with 2014 (Qualified Health Plan) enrollment data by county and what we have so far for 2015 (total) enrollment data by county.

This is back-of-the-envelope analysis, but it’s a snapshot that shows enrollments for 2014 (the yellow bar) and so far for 2015 (the green bar) in some jurisdictions — notably Montgomery, Howard and Worcester — have outperformed their general population (the blue bar) and uninsured population (the red).  We also acknowledge the comparisons aren’t apples to apples, stretched as they are across several different years, but those are the most up-to-date census surveys available.


Tracking Health Insurance by Maryland County