Checkups and immunizations at no extra cost

National Immunization MonthYou want to protect your child at every age. Did you know that immunizations are one of the best ways parents can protect their children from infancy to young adulthood? Plus, by keeping your family covered, checkups and immunizations are no extra cost to you.

Tips for Parents

  • Vaccinations protect you and your baby against serious infection during pregnancy. Learn more about vaccines and pregnancy.
  • Check out this childhood immunization schedule to make sure your child’s shots are always up to date. And talk with their doctor about the vaccines recommended for their age.
  • Protect your college-bound teen too. Maryland requires all incoming students residing on campus to get vaccinated for meningitis.

Keep Your Child’s Health Insurance Active

  • Don’t let your child’s health insurance coverage lapse. Enrollment in Medicaid and the Maryland Children’s Health Program is year-round.
  • Health insurance plans are available through Maryland Health Connection. If you have certain life events, such as a change in job or loss of coverage, you may qualify to enroll outside the open enrollment period.
  • When your young adult turns age 26, he or she will no longer be able to stay on your health plan. Help enroll and choose a plan at
  • You may save money on health insurance costs. Last year, 9 out of 10 people who enrolled through Maryland Health Connection got financial help. It’s the only place to get help paying for your health insurance. You also may qualify for free health care through the Medicaid program or Maryland Children’s Health Program.

Routine Immunizations are Covered

All plans through Maryland Health Connection include the essential health benefits such as routine vaccinations, flu and pneumonia shots, pediatric care, doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription medication and more. This month, protect your family by getting immunized.

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