Back at college? Get covered for when “Oh, fun” turns into “Oh, F&?$@”

GetCoveredHey #Classof2019, Open Enrollment for health insurance starts November 1, but you may not need to wait until flu season to get covered.

Plans cover you for medical care like doctor visits, birth control, lab tests and much more. Here are options for college students to be one step ahead of life’s what-if’s:

• Your college may offer health coverage. If you have a student health plan, in most cases you’re considered covered under the health care law.

• Stay covered under your parent’s health plan until you turn 26. You can be covered under their plan even if you’re attending school, not living with your parents, or not financially dependent on them.

• Apply now through Your income may mean you can save money on a health insurance plan, or you may even qualify for free health care through the Medicaid program, with coverage starting immediately. Nine of 10 people who’ve enrolled so far have gotten financial help.

• If you’re younger than 30, you can buy a Catastrophic health plan through Maryland Health Connection. These plans cost less and protect you from very high medical costs.

Check out our #GetCovered Generation info to learn more about affordable health insurance options for young people.