5 Ways Maryland Health Connection Made Health Plan Shopping Easier

Open Enrollment for 2017 health and dental plans has started, and the redesigned MarylandHealthConnection.gov is making the enrollment process smoother than ever.

Here are five things to look for when enrolling this year:

1) The all-new MarylandHealthConnection.gov was redesigned to make it easier to compare and shop for health plans.

MHC.gov homepageYou can still use the “Enroll Now” button to jump into plan-browsing and enrollment, and get more information on our site about available financial help and tips on choosing the best plan for your family..

Check out the new MarylandHealthConnection.gov


2) Our new mobile app, Enroll MHC, allows you to compare plans and enroll right from your mobile phone or tablet.

You can also access your account to view enrollment notices and upload verification documents using the camera on your device.

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3) Maryland Health Connection has a new assistance search tool that allows you to find free enrollment help right around the corner.

Type in your address and you’ll find insurance brokers, consumer assistance organizations, and other ways to get in-person help for free near you. Get contact information and directions to locate free help in the search tool, which is available online and in our Enroll MHC mobile app.

Brokers and consumer assistance organizations provide free help understanding your plan options, accessing financial help, and supporting you during and after enrollment. Consider an authorized insurance broker if you need help choosing a plan based on specific medical needs.

Find free, in-person help near you

4) Tell us about it! Use the new Share Your Story option to tell us how getting health coverage has helped you and your family.

Many Marylanders are saving money on their insurance costs and enrolling when they couldn’t get health coverage in the past, or are now eligible for Medicaid. Sharing your story is important to spread the word that there are options for affordable health coverage.

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5) We made it easier to get answers to your top questions.

On MarylandHealthConnection.gov you’ll find new, simpler information and helpful guides on topics including:

Who to include in your application
What income to include when you apply
What documents to use to verify information in your application
How tax credits work
How cost-sharing reductions save you money