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  1. January Billing Tips for QHP Consumers

    A note for CAWs and CSRs Open enrollment extension means that consumers have until midnight on Friday, Dec. 22, to shop and select a plan for 2018.  However, due to… Read More

  2. Compliance: What do I do if there is a PII breach?

    Consumers provide their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to the Exchange for the purpose of determining eligibility in a qualified health plan and/or determining eligibility for other insurance affordability programs, such… Read More

  3. What to do if a consumer doesn’t have a Social Security Number (SSN)

    We have important reminders from your training on what to do if a consumer doesn’t have a Social Security Number to provide in a Maryland Health Connection application: 1) For… Read More

  4. Anonymous Browsing Now Open for 2018 Plans

    Anonymous browsing is now open for 2018 health plans at MarylandHealthConnection.gov. Consumers should click “Get Started” and then choose “Get an Estimate” to enter basic information to review health and… Read More

  5. Online Enrollment in a Managed Care Organization

    Maryland Health Connection offers a new option for consumers who have been determined eligible for Medicaid to choose and enroll in a Managed Care Organization (MCO) online. Once consumers are… Read More

  6. Qualifying for Medicaid: Parents and Caretaker Relatives

    Did you know that parents and caretaker relatives over age 65 also may be eligible for Medicaid through Maryland Health Connection? These groups may qualify for Medicaid using Modified Adjusted… Read More

  7. Catastrophic Plan Choice

    In addition to the four metal levels of plans available to consumers, some people also may be eligible for Catastrophic plans. These plans are available only to people younger than… Read More

  8. Attestation of Incarceration

    New questions have been added in the Maryland Health Connection application to allow consumers to report incarceration status, and incarceration-specific language has been added to the attestation screen. Consumers who… Read More

  9. New Insider’s Edge Updates: 156-158

    The Insider’s Edge newsletter is produced by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. In the issues, “Medicaid Marge” discusses Medicaid eligibility and enrollment policy. You can also visit DHMH’s Medicaid… Read More

  10. Helping Consumers End QHP coverage

    This week in The Classroom, we welcome guest blogger Rita W. Dyer, MHBE manager of producer operations. Rita shares tips on correctly assisting consumers with termination of their qualified health… Read More