Monthly Archives: April, 2016

  1. Is Affordable Care Act coverage affordable?

    Is coverage under the Affordable Care Act affordable for low-income households? The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation this week released an interesting study that sought to address the question from… Read More

  2. What benefits do health plans cover?

    If you’ve enrolled through Maryland Health Connection, it’s important to know your plan covers these 10 important health benefits below when you need them. Your plan may offer additional benefits…. Read More

  3. 5 tips for tax filers before the deadline

    Tax Day this year is Monday, April 18. If you have employer coverage or coverage through Medicare or Medicaid, you just need to check a box when you file taxes… Read More

  4. New features make easier

    We heard you! Earlier this month, we launched new features in online accounts at to help enrollees reset their passwords using an email link, and also cancel coverage for… Read More

  5. How are we doing on health coverage, Maryland?

    Maryland has made great progress as it enters the fourth year of its state-based health insurance marketplace. Let’s count the ways: 1. Continued decrease in the rate of uninsured across… Read More

  6. Your top five questions, answered

    1) Who is part of my “household” when applying for health coverage? When you apply for health coverage through Maryland Health Connection, the “household” on your application generally includes the… Read More