Monthly Archives: October, 2015

  1. Does Your Organization Share Our Mission? Seeking ACSEs:

    Due to requests from organizations that share our mission, the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange has announced a second application period to offer the opportunity to become an Application Counselor Sponsoring… Read More

  2. Standing Advisory Committee Nominations Now Closed

    The SAC nominations application process ended on October 15, 2015 at 5 p.m. Thank you to everyone who submitted an application. The MHBE Board will select new members from the… Read More

  3. 5 Tips to Get Ready for Open Enrollment

    Save the date! Open Enrollment for 2016 starts soon, on November 1. This is your chance to enroll in a health plan or change your current coverage. New this year,… Read More

  4. Screenings are covered: Help stop breast cancer in its tracks

    Maryland has the sixth-highest breast cancer mortality rate in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s unsettling to hear that, read that, live that…. Read More

  5. Find us at the Baltimore Running Festival as we race to get Marylanders covered!

    Injuries happen. It’s a part of life when you’re a runner. That’s why it’s so important to have health insurance. With less than three weeks until the start of Open… Read More

  6. MHBE response to OLA audit

    The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange appreciates the work and guidance of the Maryland Office of Legislative Audits (OLA). While our views differ on a few of the findings, the important… Read More

  7. File a 2014 tax return or miss out on 2016 assistance

    Marylanders who enrolled in health coverage through Maryland Health Connection for 2014 and received a tax credit must file their 2014 tax return to remain eligible for financial assistance for… Read More

  8. “Window Shopping” Begins for 2016 Plans

    (Already Covered? We’re Talking to You Too!) With one month to go before Open Enrollment begins, you can get started now to find the best plan and compare prices for… Read More

  9. Health exchange is seeking Producers/Brokers for BATphone (Broker Assistance Transfer) pilot

    The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (MHBE) is seeking Authorized Producers to participate in a pilot program, called BATPhone, which will integrate brokers with our Call Center. The MHBE intends to make use… Read More